Taking time

I love work and be high on stress. That’s my drug stress.

My passion is when I have dozens of things to do and projects to complete, but a very short time.

Sometimes, it can be a big problem. Cause I am just one and might lose my cool one day.

But few weeks ago, I took my time and booked a weekend at Danubius Hotel Gellért. The famous hotel and spa in Budapest.

Was two nights for 190€ just in a single room, with a beautiful view of Danube and the castle.

To be honest the hotel decorations is old style, typical for ex communists countries. It made me feel inside of Titanic. But when night came and I look through the window it made me feel it was worth.

I had bkf included and as well full access to the pool and saunas. All included on the price. Sure in the end was a good deal.

The massages and cleanse was extra, but also made miracle to my face and removed all black heads even the deep ones.

I can say that I will go back for sure!

And if you in Budapest or plan to come here, they have affordable family rooms as well. I think we can travel in style on budget.

I leave here my code for discount if you book this or any other hotel at Booking .

Enjoy it!


Moving Done

The first week of August, I finally manage to move out of Croatia and get my stuff to Hungary.

I loved Hungary, from my first visit there in 2016 and every time I say the same, how enchanting is the city.

Croatia was fun, but never made me happy live there, I can’t understand the “easy poor” life, most people got use to. But let they do what they feel to.

As a form of celebration I went to the kids hospital and donate some of my kids toys and clothes.

There’s no better way of celebrate life, by giving back for those who are in need. And I do really enjoy help others, no matter what.

Make a small donation you as well, if you can. The intention matters more than the amount/ time/ object your donate.

Some online associations that I love to help as well, are the Human Society and Avaaz, by sign their petitions and donate some money. As for Amnesty International, besides donations I try to participate in the courses and forums discussions.