I am sure that you know the Flamengo, one of the biggest football teams of Brazil.

But only if you are a really football fan, you will know another big Brazilian team and one of the most polemic teams also from Brazil – Corinthians or how we call it Timão.

Corinthians is the football club with more than 100 years of existence. It has their own stadium (which held the last World Cup opening) in Itaquera the east part of São Paulo.

As I born and was raised in Itaquera, Corinthians has been part of my life and gave me very good things to remember about my childhood.

Their fans are very passionate and literally kill in name of this love!

Also they support the Escola de Samba ( “samba school ” during carnival, called Gaviões da Fiel. Which for me is one of the greatest ever, with their excited vocalist and unique melodies.

My father was a huge fan of Corinthians and we would never miss a game. But after my father passed way, my sisters changed the teams their support, I kept it neutral but when I see their game if fires my heart and remind me the great moments we had as a family.

This year during my visit to Brazil, I had the opportunity to visit their stadium which has a beautiful museum and got to learn a bit more about my team “de coração”.

If you have the opportunity, check them out and maybe visit also the stadium on your next visit to São Paulo.

Venus Berlin 2018

Last year I did my debut on the Adult conferences and expos, with JulModels team.

This year I am with another company, but the conferences, the friendships and craziness are the same.

In September happened the Xbiz Awards Berlin, for first time in the history.

It was more like a test drive event, but still they never let us down with the good traditional Boat Party and beautiful adult stars.

But I want to talk about Venus.

This one because is opened to the public, gets a bit more insane. There performers, directors, webmasters and the groupies get together.

The energy is tremendous. For me because of the number of people in a place, plus the need of represent a name and the loud music made me feel as on trance.

With years of tradition they already got their lives figure out.

What I did not expect and was a good surprise -besides been gracefully elected as best South American actress, was the good food that they serve during the award.

The main course was exquisite!

I do recommend to visit all fairs that happen in Europe, around the fall and winter. It’s a great place to meet your idols, make friends and be part of this crazy community that is the Adult Industry.