I am Luna and I am fascinated for music, movies, travel,food and all the good things that life can offer.

Many of the people who knows me very well or not, told me that I should share my life in a blog/vlog so I recovery my old blog, when I still just a young girl discovering herself  and mix with my new last four years, that maybe you have been missing out!

I use to love write, as a way to make my world and my life better, so share might make someone else also better.
You are welcome to share also your histories with us and we can be heard and feel less lonely, incomprehensible and of course have some LAUGHS.

My goal here is not only discuss about sex, but all the things I’ve seem and experimenting this past years and make you and I closer, to become even more curiós about what is out there and also become stronger!


Kisses from Luna and Bruna, in the end we are two in one.

14 thoughts on “Me

  1. Bonjour Luna , je vous ai découverte comme certainement beaucoup d’autres , en navigant parmi les sites spécialisés ” Sex” avec toutes la médiocrité que l’on y voit . Je me suis stoppé net sur vous , malgré tout vos efforts impossible pour moi de ne pas voir dans vôtre regard , attitude , une jeune femme sensible , douce , sincères , charmante de sensualité superbe bien sûr . Une personne que l’on aimerais avoir comme amis , Complice , partenaires , peut importe t’en qu’il rapproche . Je suis très heureux de vous voir , maintenant différemment , ce qui confirme totalement ma première sensation que j’avais ressenti en images . Je ne sais pas si ce message donnera suite , mais de vous parler en dehors des sites habituels me convient ( ce n’est pas une critique sur les vidéos de vous que j’adore ) j’espère que vous êtes heureuse , épanouie , vous le semblé . Je vous embrassent .

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  2. Luna ! You’re so amazing. A wonderful person and lifting spirit… thank you for making me smile and all the beautiful posts. If you’re ever in NYC it’s lunch and fine wine on me Xoxox.


  3. I went to your website in aim of see new adult contents. Indeed since I saw you in adult videos, you became one my favourite fanstames ( By the way, my right hand never been so strong).
    But I was lovely suprise by its contents. I used to travel a lot on my previous jobs and your blog reminds me some of my travels and gives me desire of travelling. A journey with you will be a dream… hum… I am not sure, it will nos sure that I will be focussing on the landscape.
    And I love your outfits even if , I don’t know why, I would like to slowly undress you.
    Since 2016, I live in a West African Country, I know it’s little be cliché but if you schedule a trips in these area… Who knows…
    Happy new year…


    • That’s cool ehehe know that I kind inspire someone… I do not have plans to those sides of the globe yet but thanks for comment and share your travel experiences kisses and happy new year


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