Venus Berlin 2018

Last year I did my debut on the Adult conferences and expos, with JulModels team.

This year I am with another company, but the conferences, the friendships and craziness are the same.

In September happened the Xbiz Awards Berlin, for first time in the history.

It was more like a test drive event, but still they never let us down with the good traditional Boat Party and beautiful adult stars.

But I want to talk about Venus.

This one because is opened to the public, gets a bit more insane. There performers, directors, webmasters and the groupies get together.

The energy is tremendous. For me because of the number of people in a place, plus the need of represent a name and the loud music made me feel as on trance.

With years of tradition they already got their lives figure out.

What I did not expect and was a good surprise -besides been gracefully elected as best South American actress, was the good food that they serve during the award.

The main course was exquisite!

I do recommend to visit all fairs that happen in Europe, around the fall and winter. It’s a great place to meet your idols, make friends and be part of this crazy community that is the Adult Industry.


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