Moving Done

The first week of August, I finally manage to move out of Croatia and get my stuff to Hungary.

I loved Hungary, from my first visit there in 2016 and every time I say the same, how enchanting is the city.

Croatia was fun, but never made me happy live there, I can’t understand the “easy poor” life, most people got use to. But let they do what they feel to.

As a form of celebration I went to the kids hospital and donate some of my kids toys and clothes.

There’s no better way of celebrate life, by giving back for those who are in need. And I do really enjoy help others, no matter what.

Make a small donation you as well, if you can. The intention matters more than the amount/ time/ object your donate.

Some online associations that I love to help as well, are the Human Society and Avaaz, by sign their petitions and donate some money. As for Amnesty International, besides donations I try to participate in the courses and forums discussions.



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