I love Trains 🚂

Just like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory…

Wait not better say like him, cause he’s obsessed with trains.

Let me say I also share some admiration and passion for trains, just like Sheldon.

In Asia is very easy and comfortable to travel by trains.

In Europe I had only two experiences, two times from Zagreb to Budapest, the first one was well but the second hmmm. For next post.

Anyway, this past two days in Spain, I traveled two times by train.

First from Barcelona to Stiges and second from Barcelona to L’Hospitalet de L’Infant and back. I can say that is very easy, cheap and super comfortable the seats.

All trains announces the actual and the upcoming stations, they have WC and A/C.

I did not took many pictures of the interior, but the view was cool!


2 thoughts on “I love Trains 🚂

  1. Train is a nice way to travel. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the view. Especially if it has the AC on.
    Also I’m glad to see you’re keeping up with this.


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